Spa Day

Spa Day

One of the things that I wanted to do with some of our tax refund was purchase new towels for the bathroom. We have towels, in a variety of bright, cheerful colors, that are getting a little worn, but are still totally usable. But somehow over the years, the washcloths and hand towels have gone MIA. So I decided to indulge in some consumerism and get some new ones.

I really like the towels we have, which we got at JCPenney’s many years ago. The bath towels are what they call “bath sheets”, which means that they are big enough to actually go around your body! I hit the JCPenney’s website, and found that, lo and behold, they were having a big sale on towels, like 40% off, plus they had an online savings code that took another 15% off. I snapped up 6 washcloths, 4 hand towels, and 3 bath sheets, all in extra-fluffy sparkling white Egyptian cotton. Our current, many-colored towels gave the bathroom a kind of cluttered feeling, so I was excited for the more clean, minimalist look of white.

The towels arrived last week. I unpacked them, washed and dried them, and then installed them in the bathroom.


These towels are so soft and fluffy, I just want to hug them! I love the way they look stacked up, like the Snuggle bear would dive into them. So pretty and clean and fluffy! Hanging over our towel warmer, they give the whole bathroom a spa feel. Aaahhhh! Did I mention that they were fluffy? Now everyday can be SPA DAY!

Don’t worry – I didn’t toss our old towels. Our kitchen towels have also gone MIA, so the remaining colored hand towels will be rotated into kitchen service. The two remaining washcloths will be used for make-up removal and the like. The colored bath towels will still be used in the bathroom as needed (especially when I dye my hair), and can now be retired smoothly when they wear out.

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