RW Run Streak Update

RW Run Streak Update

I missed two days in the RW Run Streak challenge last week, Thursday and Friday. On both days, I had obligations that took precedence over running. With my short streak technically broken, and since my back was also bothering me, I took the opportunity to rest (from running anyway) on those two days.

However, this weekend, the weather was gorgeous, so I could not resist going for a run, making sure to take it easy. Saturday, I did a short 1.5 mile loop, the same loop that I have been running on weekdays. Sunday, I participated in RunKeeper’s Global 5K event, where everyone runs 5K wherever they are and logs the miles using RunKeeper. I had a lovely sunset run, and it was the first time I have run my 5K route in quite a while.

I had considering abandoning the RW Run Streak challenge, but after Sunday’s wonderful run, I decided that I will continue, but with a modification. Rather than running 1 mile every day, I will try instead to run 5 times a week, every week through New Year’s. Since I am recovering from multiple lingering injuries, I think running every day just might be a bit much for me. This way, I can count a success, regain my running momentum, and ease back into training, all with some accountability.

Follow my progress on Twitter, or join in the fun using #RWRunStreak.

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