Lazy Sunday

Lazy Sunday

The last two Sundays have been Lazy Sundays. We have been busy every weekend for months, but now we are officially into summer, and it is TIME TO RELAX!!

Last Lazy Sunday, I was up before anyone else. I made myself a bowl of cereal and some coffee and joined Simon on the loveseat (above – shh, he’s still asleep). I took advantage of the solitude, not to meditate or do yoga, but instead to watch whatever I wanted on Netflix. Since I am unable to run due to my injury, I selected the documentary “Desert Runners”. It’s about four ultramarathons across four different deserts, and what it is like for the competitors that run them. It was excellent, and I highly recommend it, especially if you are a runner! Five stars!

This Lazy Sunday, I decided to keep with the running them, and watched “Prefontaine”, a movie about the extraordinary and tragically short running career of Steve Prefontaine. I enjoyed the film, though I would give it only three stars. There was, oddly, not enough running in the movie, considering that it was a movie about a runner. It also seemed that the screenwriter wanted every scene to be quotable, which led to some rather stilted and ponderous dialog.

But none of that mattered, since that afternoon we decided to hit the matinee, a la Andy and Parnell.

Jurassic World, baby! Dinosaurs? Check! Dinosaurs roaring and rampaging? Check! Dinosaurs eating people? Check! Chris Pratt being badass while looking hot?


Check! Lots to enjoy about this one! It had plenty of action, lots of jumping in your seat, and of course, at the end the humans realize (again) that they shouldn’t try to control the dinosaurs. Nothing too deep, just dinosaurs running amok. Definitely a must see!

So, Lazy Sunday accomplished? Check!

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