Lazy Links

Lazy Links

Simon (The Wonder Cat) says, “Nuff! Time to relax!” That’s right – it’s time again for Lazy Links, in which I, your hostess, link to interesting and insightful articles that I have come across over the past few weeks (rather than providing original content of my own).

I enjoyed this article on Houzz about The (Lost) Art of Laziness.

Even famous people struggle with clutter and too much stuff! Check out Drew Barrymore’s wonderfully honest article entitled Why I Put My Closet On A Diet (In 6 Simple Steps).

I found this article, A Brewing Problem, very interesting. It discusses how the inventor of the K-Cup regrets his wildly successful invention, due to the enormous negative environmental impact. The rise of the K-Cup illustrates how decisions in corporate America are based on the bottom line, rather than what is right, reasonable, and responsible.

And finally, I laughed out loud at this video posted at Karen Kingston’s site, in which Michael McIntyre enthuses about the notorious “Man Drawer”. (Additionally, Karen offers her insights on the perennial junk drawer, and why it’s OK to have one.)

So until next time, take a page out of Simon’s book, and take it easy!

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