What I Am Working On Now

These are the things that I am currently focusing on in my journey into minimalism and a simpler life:

  • I am trying to find the new normal in a life without Fifi. She was part of everything that I loved, so it’s been very difficult without her.

  • I am getting to know and falling in love with Lizzy. She is truly a bundle of joy!

  • I am loving my new bullet journal!

  • I have been practicing meditation for the past few weeks and have found that it is really helping me focus, at work and in my personal life.

  • We are still loving our new all-electric Nissan Leaf. We are getting our very own charging station installed soon!

  • I am making the final push to finish The Great Coat Closet Remodel Project, which I started nearly two years ago (so sad).

  • I am currently participating in Joshua Beckers’ Uncluttered online course, for the third time.

  • I am trying to reboot my running routine, after a cracked rib and the passing of my dear Fifi. I would like to run a marathon in November. My motivation is pretty low, but I am hoping that I will find my zen in running again.

  • We are planning to convert out dining room into a library. This project is still very much in the planning stages.