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Uncluttered:  Laundry Room Edition

Uncluttered: Laundry Room Edition

You may remember that I am again participating in Joshua Becker’s online course Uncluttered. I got off to a late start this time around. However, I was able to make up for lost time last weekend by decluttering and tidying the living room in an […]

My Bullet Journal:  Two Week Review

My Bullet Journal: Two Week Review

I have been using my bullet journal for two weeks now. During the first week, I carried my Passion Planner as well, so that I could learn how to plan with my new journal while not losing the benefits of my existing planner. But going […]

Why I Am Trying A Bullet Journal

Why I Am Trying A Bullet Journal

Two years ago this month, I got my first Passion Planner, and the planner has been with me literally every day since then. Each morning, when I get to work, I pull out my Passion Planner and spend a few moments going through my plans […]

Uncluttered:  Kitchen Edition

Uncluttered: Kitchen Edition

A couple of weeks ago, my family completed the kitchen module of Joshua Becker’s online Uncluttered course. When we did our initial survey of the level of clutter in our home at the beginning of the course, we were startled to find that the kitchen […]

Uncluttered:   Dining Room Edition

Uncluttered: Dining Room Edition

We are currently in Week 3 of Joshua Becker’s excellent online course Uncluttered. I participated in this course back in the spring / early summer, but only made it to Week 3 before life got in the way of any meaningful progress. However, Joshua, in […]

The Good Old Summertime

The Good Old Summertime

Summer is in full force here in the sunny South, with the heat and humidity both turned up to 11. We are still a month or so away from the “dog days” of summer, those dry, brown, heat-baked days when the only sound is the […]