Today I am happy that the sun is finally shining again! This is the third day in a row of sunshine. I feel like Spring might really, truly be here. I can hear birds singing outside, and the daffodils in my yard are starting to bloom.

I spent 3 hours yesterday working a Girl Scout cookie booth with my daughter in the sunshine. I think I overdosed on sunshine because on the way home, I developed a mild migraine. I had dinner and went “to lie down” around 6:30, but didn’t wake up until this morning.

It is a beautiful day. I am not sure yet how I am going to spend it. I definitely plan to go running later. I may work in the yard a bit. Steve agreed to help me spend some time decluttering the third bedroom. I also need to do a little laundry. It is supposed to be warm with calm winds today – perfect for painting the foundation at the front of the house. The sunshine brings lots of options.

But right now, I am just going to have some coffee and relax. The house is quiet, though heard someone get up and get in the shower. They’ve been in there a while so I am guessing it’s my daughter. Lots of sunlight pouring in through the dining room. And a bird in the side yard is singing oh so joyfully. He is also happy that the sun is shining.

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