A lot is going on for my family and I this week . My daughter has two tracks meets, each of which lasts about 5 hours, as well as a soccer game and a piano recital this weekend. Steve is nearing the end of the semester, so there is a last minute push of quizzes, papers, and studying. I have started a free, online class in electrical studies that I hope will come in handy as I complete projects around the house. And I am working on a couple of new songs on my bass.

I am also toying with the idea of training for a marathon. I know that I said this year I was going to lay off training and focus on home projects. But I have started to think maybe I can, and should, do both. One thing that I have learned during my simplifying process is the value of patience. Is my home decluttered yet? No. Does it still bug me? Yes. I am going to give up and just not do it because I am not making as much progress as I would like? Of course not! See?

Perhaps if I apply this new-found patience to my training, I won’t get so burnt out and discouraged halfway through. Have I completed my training? No. Did I have a crappy run? Yes. Am I going to give up halfway through because it got hard? Of course not!

But if I decide to do this, I won’t approach it like I have before. I will need to do some weight and core training, and establish a healthy eating plan as well. Those are all things that I want to do anyway. I have been piecing together my personal “Get Fit” plan over the past few weeks, and eating healthy, doing regular weight and core training, establishing a regular running schedule, and getting plenty of sleep all figure into my plan. (I will be discussing my “Get Fit” plan further in a later post.)

So for now, training for a marathon is still just an idea that I am kicking around.

However, today I mainly want to share a find that I got unreasonably excited about. Someone at work was throwing out a whole box of pristine bubble wrap! So I scooped it up, box and all, and brought it home with me. Bubble wrap is not cheap, and comes in very handy when I am selling things on eBay. Just this week, I sold a Limoges porcelain trinket box for $75. You can bet that I used plenty of my recently-acquired bubble wrap when I shipped it! So far, I have not had to buy any boxes for my eBay sales, but I have had to purchase packing tape, bubble wrap, and brown paper, so an entire box of bubble wrap, free for the taking, was a definitely a “score!” for me. Plus, I saved all that useful packing material from becoming landfill fodder. To quote Macklemore, “One man’s trash, that’s another man’s come-up.”

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