The Great Coat Closet Remodel Project! – Phase 1, Part 2: Eeewww! Factor Edition

Monday evening, I decided to remove the beaverboard / wallboard / whatever-it-is from the ceiling of the coat closet. I didn’t want to just smash through the ceiling and have all the little pieces falling on my head, so instead I decided to try to loosen the nails around the perimeter and gently pull the board down. A good idea, but easier said than done! It’s hard to explain, but the edges of the board were too close to the walls to be able to get my crowbar at a good angle to get under them. Additionally, one edge of the board was overlapped by the ceiling board from the back part of the closet, under the stairs where the ceiling slopes.

I ended up having to remove part of the sloping ceiling board. Steve helped me finish loosening the ceiling in the front part of the closet. We worked as carefully as we could, but in the end we were SHOWERED with some of the nastiest, most disgusting filth I have ever seen! It was a mixture of dust, sawdust, dirt, a billion rusty nails(?!?!), broken glass (what?!), and a bunch of super-gross dead bugs. Shudder. I still feel like this …

Friends: Monica Eye Patch

… just thinking about it! Thank goodness for our new shop vac. It happily sucked up all the grossness. Also, I would like to send out a special thank you to the person who invented soap. Soap. Good.

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