We Had a Blue Christmas!

This post was originally published January 15, 2015.

This year, rather than Christmas gifts, we asked our parents to get us tickets to see Blue Man Group. This was easier for our parents (no running to stores, finding the right size, wrapping gifts, etc.) and we got exactly what we wanted, which was to go see Blue Man Group! We had seen them a couple of years ago, and absolutely loved the show – I highly recommend it – and really wanted to go see them again, but have been rather strapped for funds lately, so our parents gift was extremely appreciated.

We made a night of it with dinner at Edley’s Bar-B-Q, our new favorite barbeque spot. Then, we went to Dunkin’ Donuts for hot cocoa, and then to the show. And after the show, we got to meet the Blue Men themselves! Here is my daughter being somewhat surprised by one of the Blue Men:




This will forever be my best memory for the 2014 – 2015 holiday season!

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